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Our Story

The dream began as a junior in college…with an innocent trip to a sports bar.  The energy...the people.  The magic of connecting with friends, and making new ones, over a pint of beer.  The first time I entered the bustling gathering place I knew that I wanted to open my own place someday.

After college graduation, I tasted my first real beer at a Colorado microbrewery.  I loved it so much, that when I got back I joined the beer of the month club, and within a year I was homebrewing.  Technical and organized by nature, I spent a lot of time planning that first batch even though it was a simple kit.  I only had to boil water and add the extracts..even the hops were in extract form..but I enjoyed the process and it tasted good, so I kept brewing.

In the beginning, I didn’t focus on any one style.  I experimented with recipes that sounded good based on the names and descriptions from the supply store.  That all changed when my day job took me to Europe for project related trips.  I spent a lot of time in Germany and Belgium and enjoyed the beer they had to offer.  In between trips I spent time learning about the history of their beer making processes.  I developed an appreciation for the styles and a deep respect for the artisans that created them.  I particularly admire their commitment to perfection and drive to honor their rich traditions.


Our Products

As much as I enjoy brewing, I delight more in watching people enjoy the beer that I brew.  I’m excited to offer another choice to the craft beer community and welcome the chance to talk with those who have as much interest in beer – as myself.  One of my favorite things is introducing people to new styles while showing them that some of the preconceived notions about beer (hoppy, dark beers, etc.) are not always accurate.

I am excited about being an “official” member of the Pittsburgh craft beer community where there is much camaraderie and support among brewers.  I appreciate all of the help, guidance and support that I have received to this point from everyone in Coraopolis and the craft beer community in Pittsburgh.  I hope that I can be as helpful to others as they take similar journeys.

Partners and Affiliations

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At The Falls


Wednesday 4-9pm | Thursday 4-9pm | Friday 3-10pm

Saturday noon-10pm | Sunday noon-5pm 

CLOSED Monday and Tuesday


Wednesday 4-9pm | Thursday 4-9pm | Friday 3-10pm

Saturday noon-10pm | Sunday noon-5pm 

CLOSED Monday and Tuesday

(412) 264-7000

1021 5th Ave Coraopolis, PA 15108

(724) 748-6259

1015 Leesburg Station Rd, Mercer, PA 16137

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