What’s On Tap

Feeling Brut (IPA)
Sammy B (Hefeweizen)

Olde Towne Alt (Altbier)
Lucky Me (Tripel)


Black Bear
(Black IPA)
Imperial Shadow (Stout)
Lazy Daze (Berliner Weisse)
Copper Pot (ESB *Nitro)

ABV – alcohol by volume; SRM – standard reference method

Olde Towne Alt

Style: Dusseldorf Alt

A German style brown ale.  Rich amber color..fruity flavors…mellow finish..producing a smooth & delicate brew.

5.3 ABV

Breezy IPA

Style: Wheat IPA

A traditional witbier grain bill and yeast strain coupled with an abundance of hops (Summit, Centennial, Citra and Amarillo) creates this India White Ale. Slight spiciness from the yeast, citrus notes from the hops and a smooth body from the flaked oaks and wheat
5.2 ABV

Black Bear

Style: American Black IPA

Pitch black in color and showcases of malty and moderate roasty notes.  It is quite hoppy.

7.5 ABV

Moon Hop

Style: American IPA

Brewed with American base and crystal malts.  The combination creates a brew with good body and a grainy sweetness.  This brew is single hopped with Centennial to provide the bitterness and dominant citrus aroma & flavor.

7.2 ABV

Trail Ticket

Style: Pale Ale

Brewed with Pale and Carmel Malts with Magnum, Perle and Cascade hops.

6.3 ABV

Lucky Me

Style: Belgian Tripel

Light golden color, surprisingly light considering the high ABV … with a fruity sweetness, mild spiciness to a dry finish.

9.9 ABV

Rising Phoenix

Style: Belgian Triple

Strong, complex, mildly spicy.  Surprisingly high ABV for the lighter color.  Dry and mildly bitter finish.

8.8 ABV

Imperial Shadow

Style: Imperial Stout

A strong pitch-black beer with a tan head.  Burnt bitter chocolate character with warming alcohol note.

8.9 ABV


Style: Belgian Blonde

Traditional light golden color with a generous malt profile … moderate gravity with a spicy yeast character.

6.8 ABV

Porch Swing

Porch Swing II

Style: Dampfbier

The original “Steam” Beer.  An all barley ale, fermented with Weissbier yeast.  Medium bodied, lightly hopped & brewed in the summer. This version is the original Porch Swing with a twist of end of summer tartness.

5.1 ABV

5 O’Clock

Style: American Porter

It has been a long day at work…throwing in the towel is here. Very dark in color..hints of coffee compliment the traditional burnt flavor.

6.3 ABV

Smiling Blonde

Style: American Blonde

An American version of a German Kolsch.  Pale golden color, smooth, clean and crisp.  Light malty flavor and a hint of fruitiness.

5.3 ABV

Tin Man

Style: Saison

A complex style with fruity aromas and flavors.  Brewed with traditional European malts and hops.  Initial sweetness with semi-dry finish.

7.6 ABV

Midnight Wheat

Style: DunkelWeizen

Wheat beer native to southern Germany.  Brewed as dark version of the similar Hefeweizen, this beer has complex malt flavors with low and balanced bitterness.

5.2 ABV


Style: Dusseldorf Alt

A tradition that the breweries in Dusseldorf hold dear is the release of a “Sticke Bier” during the month of October.  “Sticke” is the name given to a special version of the traditional Altbier.  It is higher in alcohol..carries a maltier flavor and is higher in hop bitterness.

6.6 ABV

Belgian Block

Style: DIPA (double IPA)

Brewed with Belgian pilsner malts and a plethora of hops…including Simcoe, Mosaic, Citra and Chinook.  Full bodied with with serious hop bitterness.. citrusy and fruity flavors.


‘Da Cory

Style: Belgian Blonde

Brewed with Belgian pale ale, Vienna and dark crystal malts to give it the deep golden color.  The Styrian and Hersbrucker hops give an earthy and floral flavor with hints of white pepper.

6.7 ABV


Style: Belgian Quad

Strong and bold flavor..dark brown in color and full bodied.  Nutty and malt flavors with medium-low hop bitterness.  This one will keep you warm in the HAUS during the WINTER.

11.2 ABV

Chasing Charlie

Style: Chocolate Milk Stout

Chocolate, Carafa and Dark English Crystal malts produce the pitch black color..lactose creates the smooth mouthfeel and cacao nibs produce the hint of chocolate flavor.

4.3 ABV


Style: Pale Ale

A West-Coast Style American Pale Ale which is a single hopped brew.  The Citra hops provide the aroma and flavors of mango, passionfruit, and citrus.. with a medium hop bitterness in the finish.

5.5 ABV